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Aug. 9th, 2011


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Well, summer has almost come to an end, at least for my kids. Two of them head back to school next week, so I'm finally doing what I probably should have been doing all summer - running D&D for them.

We had started on DCC#28, "Into the Wilds," a while back. (Make that quite a while back.) I was impressed at how much they remembered from our previous session or two. My twelve-year-old especially seems to have a great memory - he kept bringing up things the other three of us had forgotten, until he gave us more details. The game has five characters, with my older kids each playing two and the younger being restricted to one, much to his dismay. They are (in reverse order by the kids' age, with my daughter playing the female characters):

Alexder "The Destroyer," human male fighter
Shira, half-elf female ranger
Elaya, elven female ranger
Kedrix, human male hexblade
Deset, halfling male druid, and his badger, Barney

We're (basically) playing 3.5, and I'm using my Dungeon Crawl Classics GM's screen, since my 1E screen is almost worn out.

Warning: Spoilers from here on out.

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My older son summed up the session quite well: "That was fun - we killed a few goblins, made a new friend, ran for our lives...."

May. 22nd, 2011


Not dead yet

Well, it's been significantly more than a year since I managed to post an entry here. This one is totally a placeholder, but now that I've found my user name and password again, and LiveJournal knows I'm not dead yet, there is hope for the future.

Jan. 9th, 2010


Help Me, Internets - with Science Fiction

I know there are folks out there whose knowledge of science fiction is much greater (or more recent) than mine, so I'm hoping people can suggest some resources here.

My son (a high-school junior) is doing a year-long research paper on the topic of space ethics. I know that ethics in space were discussed in science fiction well before they became a reality. However, I can only think of two examples off the top of my head and can't even find both of those.

One incident is where Ben Bova's Kinsman kills a Russian astronaut in space, and then realizes it was a young woman. I know this was originally a short story, and I read it in some compilation years ago. So far, though, I have only found it as part of Bova's 1980s book Kinsman, which is several of his stories in a single narrative, rewritten to fit where it looked like real life was going with the space shuttle program. I would really like to find the stand-alone story again.

Another short story I recall which touched on space ethics was set on an asteroid (I think) where the US and USSR had set up living domes on opposite sides, shot at each other a couple times, and then were forced to live peacefully after they discovered that the bullets went into orbit and "attacked" again every few weeks. I can't even recall the author of this one, much less where I read it. I would welcome any help I can get in pinpointing both of these stories so that I can find them for my son to read.

In addition, please let me know of any science fiction books or short stories in which space ethics played a significant part. I'm mostly looking for moderately realistic stories such as the ones mentioned above, as opposed to things like Frank Herbert's Spacing Guild and its need for spice. I want to pass them on to my son so that he can use them as part of the history of space ethics, to show him that consideration of ethics related to space didn't start with the founding of NASA in the 1950s. Any help I can get from my Internet friends here would be very much appreciated!

Sep. 10th, 2009


Must-read article on working with IT people

A really excellent article on managing information technology professionals. The author accurately describes every IT person I've ever known and gives excellent advice on working with them. This ought to be required reading for any business person who deals with IT personnel.

Opinion: The unspoken truth about managing geeks

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Aug. 14th, 2009


Overheard at GenCon

Best conversation I overheard today (very close, but not quite exact, quote):

Random minis vendor making conversation, reading customer's company shirt: "Pah-ee-zoh Publishing. What do you publish?"

Customer (well-known RPG author): "RPGs."

Vendor: "What type of RPGs?"

Customer: "We publish Pathfinder, the latest generation fantasy roleplaying game."

Vendor: "Oh, like 4th Edition D&D?"

Customer: "No."

Jul. 13th, 2009


Five years

Today was the fifth anniversary of our company, Tabletop Adventures. Although I knew the anniversary was in July I'd forgotten the exact date - until I received an e-mail just before 6:00 this evening notifying us that our domain name was going to expire tonight! Yes, it had been exactly five years since the day we finished the paperwork for the company and then immediately put in a claim on the appropriate domain name.

Frankly, the timing of this made me suspicious - why would the registration company wait until after normal business hours on the day the name is set to expire and only then send a notice? Sounds like they were hoping to sell the name back to us tomorrow for double the price. Happily, the Keeper of the Vault was able to deal with the situation summarily, and our website is now set for another five years. Happy Anniversary!

Jun. 19th, 2009


Summer Minion

My oldest son is being a summer intern for our game company, with an application letter, interview, time reporting, and everything. (It pays nothing, but includes travel!) Right now he is doing a time-consuming, detail-oriented but otherwise mindless, repetitive task to help get ready for Origins. "So now, if anyone ever tells you that being a game publisher would be really great, that it must be a lot of fun..." "Try not to laugh?"
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Apr. 25th, 2009



My kids have done or said several amusing things lately, which I was going to recount here, but I can't remember them at this moment. Sigh. Of course, that's why I need to write them down!


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Apr. 21st, 2009


Being specific

We had family here for Easter - grandparents, aunt and uncle. In total we added seven people to our usual five. At one point I was telling my 10-year-old son to do (or not do!) something during the time our company was here.
   "But Mom, they're not our company!"
   "Yes, honey, even though they're our relatives, they're visiting us today and so they're our company."
   "No, Mom! Tabletop Adventures is our company. Those are our guests!"

Mar. 19th, 2009


Math Fail

My youngest son, in fourth grade, needed an explanation of his math today. He needed to know how to simplify fractions, and didn't understand it at all. I tried to think how to explain it to him but couldn't come up with a simple enough explanation. Advanced Algebra - that I can explain; fractions not so much. Happily my husband, with his Master's degree in Special Ed, was up to the task!

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